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How to avoid sadness: 4 Simple Steps, Based on Experience


okay, if  YES then i do want to disturb you further a bit, and give you my 2 cents on it.

what if i say, i have been there & done that 🙋, I would like to put up some super points to which you may choose to act upon, have worked for me. So without much ado, here's the flow-chart for the same.....


probably you might already have a smile on your beautiful face by now because you have seen some hope. HOPE IS WHAT KEEPS US GOING.


Lets see what's in flow chart...


"REPUTATION IS PRECIOUS , BUT A CHARACTER IS PRICELESS" , so what i think is, reputation is what other people think about you, and the character is what you think about youself. "what you think about yourself" is what shall bother you more than others view. so look in to your character, protect it. Cherish it, Because that's what makes you. It did not mean reputation is worthless, its just far far far less important than your character.

This one is self explanatory : "A lot of what we ascribe to luck is not really luck at all, its seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future.  Its seeing what other people don't see and pursue that vision" - Howard Scults (Starbucks)

I don't know who said this one but i love it. "An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of superior personality" . Again positive expectation is HOPE , its the nucleus of our purpose in this life. without it we shall cease to exist, you know what i mean.

I love this one a lot: "Its not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change" - Charles Darwin , I know that i don't need to explain this one to you.

"If you cant find any joy in life, perhaps you have a vision problem"  This one too🤔, because its takes an eye to see. look into, you must see beyond the blur. Its not that we are living in these times and we r so caught up that we don't see joy in life, i will tell you its indifferent of the era of time, People have always been and will be caught up and see blur, One must stop once in a while to see beyond the blur and find your JOY.

Above are some of the ones that inspires me, You may have your own quotes, but do take them into account. These are the wisdom of the generations after making thousands of mistakes, we got them.


Well yeah, I cant help you here, you gotta get your ass off of your comfort, get a pen a rough paper because you must write down some of the stuffs that i will be asking you to and some of what you might be asking yourself. So write down the followings...

1. what are the top 3 things that bothering you - who is causing it / how is it caused to you.
You may have more than three problems dear, but for now you are only taking care of your top priority 3.

2. So now you know whats causing it, You gotta eliminate the cause. Its as simple as that. or you must accept it as it is, to find the peace within.

3. If you know how the cause can be eliminated, write down the plan. that's it.

If still confused and unsolved, we go to next step. may be after step 3 you can come back, do this 2nd step with better clarity.


Mind sorting is not so as to stop you from thinking, but to avoid over thinking.

Now we all know what it took for the great BUDDHA to sort his mind.😲 This shows the gravity and importance of mind sorting. Its the greatest tool of tools of carving a peace in your life. So we know, all we gotta do is get our mind sorted, but how !!!. well the good news is there are plenty of ways, and some of them might already be known to you. I would suggest the followings, the choice of the method may vary time to time and with comfort. i would again start by quoting a wisdom and i mean it....



It can be as simple as finding a corner to sit and just breath in and out and do nothing. or putting up a headphone and shoe and going for a running. or going for small walk. Not to reach somewhere but to reach within, just to be in the moments, It helps cleaning up the chaos in the mind and life. I would also be writing in a detailed  manner in this topic and put up a link here, but as of now i would like to suggest the followings of any, depending upon the time of the day and your comfort.

1. Breathing exercises , can be done at anytime except just after food. just sit in a posture and simply fill in and out the lungs. and notice the breath. It shall bring you close to your own body from all the chaos of the world.

2. Go on a walk / cycling with your favourite music in your head

3. Go take a shower and sing a dirtiest song that you know, this will take you out of your guilty mode and that way you will know there's nothing wrong in being oneself. I mean it only in a private shower room.

4. Use abusive and obscene language in your closed group of friends, it will definitely show that your friends accept you for who you are with all your fault and this way you get more closer and honest with them.

5. Go for 5k mini marathon, without music, This is my favourite. As you will progress in your run, your vision of blur for your world will fade away and you will be able to see your thoughts while you sweat and smell bad.

6. Meditation. This one is a proven method. It will have life changing effect on you by bringing more clearity to you.

There are many other ways too, you may share those in comment section with me. I would make a special mention about it, if its impressive.

So now you are with clarity in your mind and in being with you , choose to go back to step 2 and do the needful.


I hate to break this to you, but guess what we have always been in a planning mode, but now with better vision and a written plan on your paper, you know what to do. Just deal with only 2-3 problems at a time. of course the ones with top priorities. If you don't have a plan to short those problems, talk to your gf/bf/friends, whoever you think may suggest, read books about it. You know what works for me, "my girlfriend", Yes i have to mention her here, she is also my inspiration. You must have your own inspiration, before we inspire others we must our self must get inspired. Further to this if you haven't guessed yet the next most important way to find a way, let me disclose that to you, "GOOGLE" it.

And yes you are not alone in this, everyone is going through it. trust me friend.

Also i cant end the blog without mentioning my favourite quote of all time

"Our minds can be convinced but our hearts must be won"- Edmund Burke

More awesomeness to you all.😍, Please do let me know what you think in the COMMENT section below.

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