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Bangalore to Kerala a Low Budget Roadways Trip via Kochi, Alleppey and Varkala : A Travelogue Part-1

Me (Guru) and my roommate (Lav), we both work in Bangalore, we both are IITK alumnus and are employed. Here came the Dussehra festival holidays starting Thursday, October 22nd till Sunday, October 26th. We were getting a grand 4 days of continuous off from work. So we decided, we must get out of Bangalore. We weren't going home town anyways. We were not in the mood of much of the planning as well. We decided that lets just pack our bags and go to bus station. We were about to go to one beautiful journey. If i can describe it , I would say, The trip was like Anurag Kashayap's (Bollywood Movie director) movies, Low on budget, High on content. So let me take you on the journey along with me now.

Meanwhile packing and readying on Wednesday . Kerala was unanimous destination in both of our minds and we thought we could go to Wayanad.  Wednesday afternoon we go to satellite bus stand located near Mysore road. We go to the counter and come to know that there are no bus ticket available for wayanad, as all are booked, we asked whats available, he said only 2 tickets for Kochi, that too in normal bus, the price was also very less.  we took the tickets and the bus was scheduled at night 10pm. We had no idea what we were gonna do there, but that was the fun of the game. Meanwhile we went to the nearest Gopalan mall to wait and pass the time. before catching the bus we had food at A2B canteen.
We both had just one each backpack, nothing much in it except essentials like under garments, and extra couple of t-shirts and a half pants. now we knew its not a warm weather but, obviously dint plan for cold weather either. Besides we never have been in any part of Kerala ever before.

Subsequently, we got into the bus, Very quickly we went past out skirts of Bangalore, we were comfortable at last row of the bus, Lav got the left window seat. meanwhile we were talking how fun it is to not have any plan, and we thought we will go to Kochi and we will see from thereon, probably we were in the plan of coming back. We were to get down at Kochi early in the morning 6 am.
we kind of gotten asleep as it was pitch black dark outside. We suddenly started feeling kind of low temperature and after a while it was pretty cold. I had a hoody jacket. Lav had a rainy jacket. we thought anyway we will go past it. but it wasn't getting over even after couple of hours. Therefore we asked fellow travelers about he place. We were told that its a way through hills and, some part of wayanad. The temperature was pretty cold. We were kind of laughing it out as well because, it was realistically funny how we dint plan anything and thought we are going to go there and it is going to be done smoothly. In addition to that Lav also was in window seat, and the govt. roadways buses in south don't have glasses in its windows, it was some sort of cloth type window cover which was hardly helpful in preventing a windy cold. hahahahaha

On the road bus stopped at some Dhaba (thats what we north indian call a highway side motels) , everybody got out of bus and rushed to the tea counter. Interestingly those days i used to be a smoker, so you see, it was perfect weather for a hot tea in the midnight with a cigarette. Now for a moment i am wondering why i left smoking!! anyway!!. nevermind. Of-course there were good looking ladies, but i being committed, and Lav having interests in only Firangs (foreigners), we were in kind of trans discussion. I would take these kinds of night anyday. after about 40 minutes people came aboard and we got in too. Then some how we had gotten through the cold night. Early morning opened eyes amongst coconut trees all around and homes hidden somewhere in them. The visuals and scenery were profoundly eye pleasing.

Stop 1 : Kochi

              Next morning we got down the bus, A very young girl was alone and vomiting on the spot, we helped her gave our water bottle too. we already had done a great start to our day. we had no idea what to do or where to go, as we had decided that the our plan was to ask locals and visit the places. Thereafter we gotten fresh at public toilet at bus stand and went out of it. The bus stand itself looked like some 10 story building. we thought it was some kind of shopping mall or something, but it wasn't, It was just a bus stand. We got out and saw lottery ticket sellers all around so early in the morning. I never had seen that ever in my whole life. Though Lav told to buy lottery i gave some lecture on how we must only deem of our hard earned money and shit, you know early morning is best time to crap :D.

we looked out for tea shop, we got tea, but it was different. the tea had solid tea leaves in it. I assumed the chaiwala would have forgotten to filter it possibly. No, touns out it was how they have tea. Moreover our tea was ruined at the beginning itself. Lav is an avid drinker of tea, hence one thing had already gotten fucked up. Now just to give you sneak peak of up coming story that, we both are strictly vegetarian and, intrestingly Lav doesn't even eat onions. So we were about to get screwed big time in food domain.

We ask for a beach, The guy says Mahatma Gandhi beach. So we take auto and reach there, The sun had already gone quite up by now, it was as early as 8 am in the morning. we went to the beach, obviously did not take bath in it. We just took some photos there. By this time our stomachs were already getting impatient. We did roam around, all we saw was non vegetarian canteens. We realized we just got fucked big time. The Kerala is not for vegetarian of north indian taste buds. Lav said we must look out for any Mac-D restaurent, but it was closed as well as it was that early in the morning. After some time of walking arround and geting swat, we got into this annapurna restaurant. We ordered one plate of idly each, turns out it was impossible to eat. I am not criticizing their cuisine or taste. Its just personally we were exposed first time to their food, and it felt uneatable. To survive from thereon we bought some banana chips and got some juice on the way somewhere, it wasn't that easy to get though. The language was also not helping that early morning.

That's how our morning at Kochi went. We did some photography. Then we decided we would ask locals about Kochi beach, they said the Kochi beach is quite outskirt, we must take some city bus from some park (will put up the name as of now not in memory). we reached the Park. We decided to see the park which was quite big. we went to the entrance, it turned out to be closed. So we did some funny photograph, as the park had some hilarious Big size sculpture. we did really the place, as it was remarkably funny, even though we weren't able to actually go inside. We ask some people to tell the way to port of Kochi. and from where to get the Bus to that. Indeed we missed our lunch. The food had gotten to the point where even the thought of it was repelling. we were to survive on banana chips and Juice.

We took some city bus and reached at Kochi port beach which was in city outskirts. It was like a remote village in the beginning. Once we reached there, it turned out to be a lonely beach. Hardly any hope of snacks or food. We just walked on beach. Admired the ocean and felt pleasantly humbled. The beach was beautiful. We took some photos there. We ran, we played with water and then we got bored.

So we asked ourselves now what?  We had holidays in our hands. Therefore we decided to get in the bus and go to Alleppey, as we had heard alot about the place. The thought of going to reach a new place, was enough to refill us with all the energy needed. we went to bus stand in he eve and took a bus to Alleppey, which dropped us at the destination bus stand about 2 AM midnight.Yes first thing was a tea as we gotten down at Alleppey bus stand.

In next part It is going to be about Alleppey, just breath taking beautiful place. The link for the Part-2 and part-3 are given at the end of this paragraph. Do read How we did some extremely low budget of less than 100 Rupees Alleppey tour. And it amazing.

Note : I will put up the images in each part only till the story is been told.

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